Artist Marian Anderson is nationally acclaimed with numerous awards and achievements. Recognition for her diversified subjects comes from a natural ability not only to create a beautiful painting, but to breathe spirit and soul into the paintings. The viewer enjoys feeling and emotion within each piece.
Marian’s paintings are not just an illustrated subject but within each a story is told. You feel the wind, smell a rose or hear a brook babble. With each brush stroke a breath of life sets Marian Anderson’s art apart. As you immerse yourself into the depths of her painting, her art reflects the beauty of a lifetime of experience of the artist.


The Blue Earth County Historical Society announces the upcoming release of The Art of Marian Anderson, a hardcover, full-color, limited edition commemorative book featuring an impressive collection of images by artist Marian Anderson. The book contains published art prints and original paintings from her personal collection never before published.
The Art of Marian Anderson Coffee Table Book available online here.



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Nationally acclaimed artist, Marian Anderson spent her youth in Nicollet and Madelia, Minnesota. At an early age, this Minnesota farm girl was already showing her natural artistic ability, coupled with a strong love for the outdoors. Her father was an avid hunter and taught Marian about wildlife; lessons she would later use in bringing her paintings to life.

Marian was a self-taught and self-published artist. Her first oil paints were a discarded set, rescued from the Madelia city dump, and the closest she came to any formal training was a three-day seminar at the Minneapolis School of Art, a gift from the Madelia Rotary Club.

After high school, Marian came to Mankato where she worked various jobs and painted whenever her free time would allow. In 1961, she became a full-time artist, selling portraits and wildlife paintings for $150 to $200 and traveling to art shows across the country. Her hard work paid off with numerous credits and awards and her art has been exhibited in galleries and private art collections throughout the United States and abroad.

Marian’s paintings are oil on stretched canvas because she likes the “live feeling” under her brush. To get to know Marian, all one has to do is look at her artwork. There you will see the things that were most important to her: the joy in children’s faces, the spirit of nature, and preserving and honoring the past.

In 1980, Marian began offering limited-edition fine art prints of some of her paintings, each print is numbered and signed by Marian. In 2010, she retired from painting and generously donated her business of fine art prints to the Blue Earth County Historical Society. The Society operates the Marian Anderson Art Gallery at the History Center as well as online store featuring a full inventory of prints. The Blue Earth County Historical Society is also home to the Marian Anderson Archives featuring original art pieces.

Marian passed away on January 26, 2021 leaving a legacy of art for generations to come. Her charitable legacy will be realized through the Marian Anderson Fund of the Mankato Area Foundation, which will focus on promoting arts and aesthetics in Blue Earth and Nicollet counties.

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Marian captures the spirit and then sets it free.